Tendlite Red Light Therapy Device

Did you know you can send healing red light to your brain through your nose?

Scientists are shining therapeutic light up the nasal passages of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s patients.

Lucid moments are going up, and shaking is going down.


Tendlite Focused Healing

Red light torches (flashlights) get amazing results.

That’s because a torch can focus light at specific spots.

Torch light reaches up noses, into mouths, and inside ears.

That’s on top of being helpful with arthritis and inflammation.


The Tendlite Focused FDA-Cleared Red Light Torch

Tendlite is one of the few FDA-cleared torch-shaped lights you can buy.

The clearance means that the manufacturer took the time and money to prove to a government agency that their light provides the wavelengths and energy promised.

With cheaper knockoffs coming on the market, you don’t know if you are getting the right wavelengths for healing.

The Tendlite gives you the 660 nm and 850 light that sit in the sweet spots of the red and infrared healing ranges.


Portable and Focused Therapy

The Tendlite is a portable, battery powered light you can bring store in a purse or pocket.

There are no wires to worry about, so you can move around during your session.

The beauty of a torch design is that it concentrates the light in tight spaces.

Shine the Tendlite on a locking jaw hinge.

Point the photons up your nose (I’m not kidding) to generate energy in the brain.

Point the Tendlite at your arthritic hip, your aching knee, and your sore feet.


Get the Portable, Battery Powered, Tendlite Here

Try the Tendlite for 60 days. It’s guaranteed to work, or your money back.

Info for Geeks

I spoke to Tendlite (Lumina Group, Inc.) about the Tendlite device’s irradiance.

Expect 1.5 mW/cm^2 output.

Use this to customize your treatment plan.

Emulate a Successful Study

  • Go to the Light Dose Search Tool
  • Find successful scientific studies on your specific concern
  • Grab the “joules” per session from the database output
  • Go to the Light Dose Calculator
  • Enter 1.5 in the Milliwatts field (Tendite’s irradiance)
  • Enter your target joules dose in the Joules field
  • The calculator will give you your treatment time per session