The Bestqool Affordable 36″ Tall Red Light Panel

Donate to Rich Baseball Players

Would you reach deep down into your pocket to give money to a rich baseball player?

Because that is what you’re doing if you buy a red light panel from a company paying baseball players to endorse their products.

If you want a full size (3 ft.) body panel, you do not need to spend $1200.

The Bestqool Y-200 is better than the name brand, and it costs 49% less.

Bestqool’s Y-200 is a solid device emitting the healing 660 nm (re) and 850 nm (infrared) wavelengths.

Find out why I think this is a better deal than a huge national brand:

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Reverse Aging

Aging skin and wrinkles is mostly the result of sun exposure.

We know from hundreds of studies that red light in the right dose and wavelength can soften wrinkles and lines.

Red light (more than infrared) stimulates collagen and elastin production.

These are the body’s materials for plump skin that does not sag.

Use Bestqool’s red light on your face for firmer, smoother skin

Use the Bestqool for 15-30 min. per session.
Use the Bestqool for 15-30 min. per session.

Regrow Hair

Hair loss is a natural consequence of aging and some disorders.

The same (red) light that reduces wrinkles also stimulates hair follicles to grow.

Use red light to grow back your hair.


Relieve Tendinitis

In one study, researchers treated tendinitis with a combination of red and infrared light.

Even with a small energy dose, tendinitis patients obtained increased functionality, increased strength, and decreased pain.

Reduce Arthritis Pain and Inflammation

Use infrared without red to treat the inflammation and swelling you get with arthritis.

Point the Bestqool at the body part that is bothering you.

Get as close to the light as you can, without actually having it on your body.


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